Tracery, I just adore some lovely tracery!

Work In Progress / 04 September 2021

Mhm, that fancy wood carving bit around the windows/cabinets/stainedglass, or is often the case, stonework, tracery. My home is gradually evolving into a castle full of the stuff, I might have to tone it down...but not today!

Here is the updated Divination Moon Shop! Two big updates

I imported all models into Unreal Engine.

This took me a while as I individually brought each mesh to the origin in Maya, deleted the history, and exported to FBX for Unreal. (Do you prefer obj or fbx for your Unreal scenes?) Then I placed them on top of the original block out that was imported a big single mesh. This is great, because I'm at the point where I can work on the asset gym and just reimport the mesh with new texture/detail/materials etc.

Asset gym imported meshes below.

And then the tracery my dear, yes the tracery.

First, I sketched on top of the concept in Procreate to get a feel for how I interpreted the structure.

With confidence that the idea was functional, I modeled it in simple planes. This reduced the amount of geo to work with and sped up the process. I could easily move meshes backwards and forwards to get the desired overlapping interactions.

I delayed adding this because while it is important it seemed like a bit of luxury detail focus. I specifically waited until the larger shapes were in, and the bulk of the less exciting elements were blocked out.

I adore the way the tracery block out looks. It adds much needed heart and soul to the model.

EDIT: It is a bit late and I'm checking off for some delightful sleep. I forgot to include the beautiful original concept by Lok Du, so, rather hurriedly tossed in, here you go!